Getting ready for your appointment

Before heading over for your treatment :

  • Dress in loose fitting clothes so arms and legs can be exposed to elbow and knee
  • Eat a small meal so you are neither hungry or extremely full
  • Print and fill out forms or arrive 10 minutes before scheduled to ensure adequate time

What to expect during your treatment

How will you feel?

  • Initial treatment includes an indepth intake on your health history and lifestyle.  You and your acupuncturist will discuss any concerns as well as any advice, dietary or otherwise
  • Your first treatment will take 90 minutes from the time you arrive until the time you leave
  • Follow up appointments typically last up to 60 minutes.  A conversation with any changes or updates to your condition will be assessed at this time as well as a physical examination will occur
  • Actual time with needles is about 20 minutes.  During this time, you are in a relaxing and serene environment, allowing the needles to influence your body's energy

What to expect after your treatment

The Follow up:

  • You may feel more relaxed initially after your treatment
  • Some patients see immediate relief whereas some patients see improvement after a series of treatments
  • In some instances a healing reaction may occur in which aches and pains feel exasperated, this usually settles down within one day and relief
  •  Your acupuncturist will help create a treatment plan that uniquely works with you

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